Meal Replacement Bar

Meal Replacement Bar

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 Meal Replacement Bar

These Meal Replacement Bars have been formulated to provide a scientifically proven nutritional balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates and dietary fibres.

They contain:

  • Proteins rich in amino acids, including Branch Chain Amino Acids essential for building lean muscle mass
  • Low GI Carbohydrates
  • Prebiotic Dietary Fibres designed to help provide satiety, delay gastric emptying and maintain healthy gut flora:
    – Hi Maize™ Starch
    – Fibersol – 2™
    – Inulin
    – Guar, Xanthan and Alginate Gums
  • Natural Flavours, Natural Colours and Natural Sweetener(plus no preservatives)
  • 25 Essential Vitamins and Minerals